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Some tips from Aces on entering meets. Explanation of ACES hosted meet volunteer positions.

Oct 5Developmental Meet -
Arapahoe HS - 5:30 PM W.U. 6:15 PM Start
Oct 19-21MACS Fall Invite - returning swimmers Only
Arapahoe HS
Oct 26Developmental Meet Cherokee Trail HS, 5:00 PM W.U. 5:45 PM Start.  Info Revised Oct 12 Results
Oct 27Swim-A-Thon (For Seniors & HS Prep Only)
Oct 27 Team Pictures (All Age Groups)
Nov 2-4 ACES Fall Invite - Arapahoe HS Results
Nov 17ACES Pentathlon Results
Nov 29-Dec 1Nationals - University of Texas, Prelims/Finals
Nov 30-Dec 1Pioneer Open - University of Denver, Prelims/Finals Results
Dec 6-9 Junior Nationals Championships - Prelims/Finals
Tracey Caulkins Nat., Knoxville, TN
Dec 29Sprint Eliminator - 13 & Over Only, Prelims/Finals  
Jan 4-6CSST Winter Open - Cheyenne Mtn HS, Colorado Springs Results
Jan 11-13All Stars - Lawrence, KansasResults
Jan 18-20CUDA Classic - Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center Results
Feb 3ACES Intra-Squad Time Trials Results
Feb 9-10Girls High School State Championships - Prelims/Finals
5A-EPIC, Fort Collins; 4A-Mountain View HS, Loveland
Feb 15-17ACES Winter Open - Arapahoe HS Entries v2
Feb 19Swim-A-Thon - Arapahoe/Heritage
Jokers/Jacks/Queens/Kings/KingFish Only
Feb 20Swim-A-Thon - Cherokee Trail
Jokers/Jacks/Queens/Kings/KingFish Only
Mar 1-3 Silver State - University of Denver - Qualifiers Only Entries v1
Mar 1-3 Senior State - University of Denver - Qualifiers Only

Entries v1

Mar 8-10State J.O. - Prelims/Finals
EPIC, Fort Collins
Mar 13-17Western Region Sectionals - Federal Way, Seattle, WA, Prelims/Finals
Mar 16ACES Mighty Mini Meet (8 & Under) - Heritage HS Results
April 19-21 FST Spring Open - Carmody Pool Results
May 3-5Steve Drozda Shotgun - Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center Results
Summer 2013 Lowry Bus Info  
May 17-18Boys High School State Championships, Prelims/Finals
5 A-Grand Junction; 4 A-Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center
May 24-26 ACES Spring Open - Lowry Pool Timed Final Results
June 13-16 ACES Summer Open - Lowry Pool, Prelims/Finals Results
June 28-30

FAST Summer Open - EPIC, Fort Collins, Prelims/Finals

Timed Final meet moved to Lowry - Meet Info!!

Results Lowry

Results - FAST


July 5-7Semana Nautica - Santa Barbara, California
July 12-14Zone 2 Championships Senior - Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center Results
July 12-14Zone 2 Championships 14 & Under- Carmody Pool Results
July 16-20Western Regional Sectionals- Mt. Hood Community College, Oregon, Prelims/Finals  
July 21ACES Last Chance - Lowry PoolEntries
July 25-28 State J.O. Championships - Lincoln Park/Colorado Mesa U, Grand Junction, Prelims/Finals Results
Aug 1-4Western Senior Zones - Clovis, California, Prelims/Finals
Aug 2-3ACES/HRA Summer Finale - Lowry Pool  
July 30-Aug 3U.S. Open Championships - Irvine, California, Prelims/Finals
Aug 7-10Western Zones (14 & Under) - Roseville, California, Prelims/Finals Results
Aug 5-9Junior Nationals - Irvine, California, Prelims/Finals
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